INGENICO - iSC250 - Touch - BOLT


Designed for use in demanding multilane environments, the iSC Touch 250 combines signature capture and touchscreen technologies in a robust, compact design. This device meets the industry's highest and newest hardware and software security requirements, supports point-to-point encryption solutions for reduced PCI-DSS scope and accepts EMV transactions.




Robust and optimized for quick checkout, the iPP 350 is the perfect plug-and-play device for fast-paced retail environments. Its compact design takes up very little counter space and can be handled easily. Protecting transactions with PCI-validated point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and the ability to accept EMV chip + PIN, it makes interactions both convenient and secure.




Robust and optimized for fast checkout, the iPP320 is designed to meet the needs of retail and call center environments. Its large 15-key backlit keypad, LCD display, function keys and contactless features allow for easy customer interactions.




The iCT 250 color-display countertop device enables users to seamlessly accept electronic and card payments, and doesn’t require an interface with a cash register or POS system. All operations, from payment processing to brand enhancement programs, generate from a secure and easy-to-use device.




The iCT 220 easy-to-use countertop device gives users the freedom to accept electronic card payments – with or without an interface with a cash register or POS system. All iCT220 functions, from payment processing and receipt printing to settlement reporting, operate from a single, secure device.


BBPOS - Mobile Device


The Pringle Pay Mobile Device extends the power of the our platform to a smart phone. Businesses can pair the compact Mobile device with our Mobile app to securely accept card-present, swiped transactions. This device is EMV-ready and will support EMV/chip cards through a future remote software update.